Recent trip to Eastern Oregon to shoot a helicopter with a camera and shoot targets with an AR15

Vandelay Productions was founded by A.J. Van Loo in 2016...

...with a vision to make high quality video, film, photography and media available to everyone. 

Social media allows photos and videos to be a daily part of our lives.  Anyone can easily create and have a voice.

At Vandelay we want to partner with you to bring your ideas to life. Whether your needs are business or personal, we have the equipment and skills to see your project through. 

Let us show you how much greater your impact can be by partnering with us. Our goal is to bring your vision to reality.



A.J. Van Loo began his career in the music industry 14 years ago. He has been involved in projects not only as an audio engineer, but as a musician and artist as well. More recently he worked as a national sales representative for a local microphone company with much success. He has since shifted seamlessly into film and video, Utilizing his skills and past experience while bringing a fresh perspective. As a natural creative spirit, he brings passion and knowledge into every facet of his life.

  When he is not working on a project, you can find him at school finishing up his degree or spending time with his 4 year old daughter.